Sunday, June 11, 2017

Round 13 of the big big doily.

This is round 13 of my never ending Jan Stawasz doily. Only 2 more rounds to go. I'm about half way through this round.

His diagrams are a bit hard for me to read so each round I rewrite in my own notation along with when I finish each round, how long a repeat takes and how long the round takes. I finished round 12 back in July and it took about 32 hrs. Set it aside for about 9 months. It shares a train case/cosmetics bag with what ever other WIP I have going on. Oddly I never felt guilty for ignoring it as I dug around it looking for an empty shuttle or crochet hook.

Right now I'm also working on a doily for the state fair. And when I'm not in a perfectionist mood I work on my JS doily. There is something about the size of it that takes the stress of being correct away. Because it's 24" at last measurement, the mistakes seem to disappear in the crowd.


Michelle said...

The part we can see looks lovely!

Jane McLellan said...

I agree. Nice colours.