Monday, December 26, 2016

A jar of thread

My husband and I were on our way to his family's place on Friday when we stopped at a couple of antique stores. At the second place I found a half gallon jar full of thread. I wasn't sure if I should get it or not so I put it back and wandered the rest of the shop.

I put a lot of things back as I 'think about it' and never go back to buy it, but this jar of thread would not leave my mind. A quick loop back to the far corner and I had an early Christmas gift for myself.

There are 29 brand new balls of Lily brand thread, never been used and clean. Have no idea what, or if, I'll use any of it, but the jar looks pretty sitting on the coffee table.


Jane McLellan said...

Good find!

Michelle said...

What fun! I'm pretty sure I have some of those colors so if you ever need more to complete a project...