Thursday, April 14, 2016

Motif 34

I have a new job! YEAH! I can buy more thread and books and food!

I have a new job. Meh. No more spending my days tatting and reading and hanging with my dog.

Where I work the time cards are kept in a little basket and each time to clock in or out you have to shuffle through to find yours. When I started I was surprised no one was doing anything to make theirs stand out. So after my 3rd week I got the idea of making a butterfly paperclip for mine.

It looks nice here but when I left for lunch it was a but rumpled. It's clipped where people usually grab the cards, so hopefully moving it to the top of the card will help it survive.

I don't know exactly where the pattern came from. I googled tatted butterflies for inspiration and the diagram came up in the image search. Maria was the only name on it.

This is my first time tatting on a paperclip. Several were chunked until I got the hang of joining to a paperclip.