Saturday, July 18, 2015

JS doily round 10

This has not been pressed or blocked so please look past the twists and ruffles.
According to my notes, I started on this doily Sept. 14, 2014. I work on it in bursts and complete several rounds at time. Then I'll set it aside for awhile to work on something smaller that can be completed quickly or I take time to ponder what color(s) the next round should be.
At this point you're looking at 101.3 hrs that are completed. There were 11 hrs of work total that I had to cut out. Six and a half of those hours were from misreading the pattern on round 3. The rest of the time is from false starts on other rounds due to trouble I had reading his pattern and my work not looking right.
I'm thinking of doing the next round of a single row of split rings in a dark brown. The points that come next I want to do in the same ecru, sea green and dusty lavender that I've already done and worried the thin round of brown will be distracting or create an odd visual barrier that breaks up the doily into two parts. But at the same time the brown could add interest and a bit of contrast.
Now I'm wondering if introducing a new color in the outer points will look weird, like I ran out of a color and had to throw in brown to complete the project.
Now I'm wondering if I'm over thinking this.
Five more rounds to go.

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Michelle said...

Gorgeous! I don't think you're overthinking, just careful with something that represents a LOT of work!