Monday, February 8, 2016

Motif 31 edging

This is Lace #9 from Tatted Handkerchiefs by Kirstine Nikolajsen and Inga Nikolajsen. The thread is size 80 DMC.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Motif 30 triangle motif

This is from Tatting, A Potpourri of Patterns. It is 5 individual triangle motifs joined together. I made it in size 100 which taxed my eyes a bit but I love the delicate lacy-ness of it.  The pattern required different lengths of bare thread depending on if you are working on a side or corner. I did the best I could considering I didn't use any kind of guage.

Here is an individual motif. I thought about pressing it before taking a photo, but with something that small I'd probably just burn myself so I flattened it against the table and hoped for the best.

This pattern is also a part of my resolution project.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Motif 29 Pretty Petal Doily

Pretty Petal Doily from Traditional Tatting Patterns by Rita Weiss. 

For the new year I've decided to tat at least one item from every tatting book I own. I have about 50 books. The books I haven't worked from (about half) will be the focus of this undertaking. I don't expect to finish in a year but I do expect to seriously bust my thread stash and maybe learn a technique or two.  

This doily is the first of resolution projects.

And keeping me company is my faithful tatting buddy, Whiskey, who turns 12 today. Happy birthday, Whiskey Dog, at least one of your hairs is (accidently) tatted in all my projects.