Thursday, March 10, 2016

Motif 32 Springtime Doily

This is Springtime Doily from The Tatter's Treasure Chest edited by Mary Carolyn Waldrep. This is another one of my paint color chip projects.  My tatting group loved the colors. I'm not sure if I like the silver on the outer round. I went back and forth on doing the last round with purple rings and green chains, or doing them both in the same color. 

I have two purples in my stash that I could have gone with, the one I used was a bit on the redish side, and the other one was a bit more blue. Neither one matched the color chip, and I could have used either one as they both looked good with the green. I went with the purple I did because I already had an almost full shuttle of it loaded and ready to go from a previous project.

The photo has a bit of a blueish cast to it, the colors are lavender, mid-green and silver/grey.


Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Lovely combination.

Cornelia said...

Schöne Arbeit! Die Farben gefallen mir auch sehr gut!

God's Kid said...

Wonderful doily!! :)